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Thermolin Liniment

Rapid action formula for pain...
Joint pain relief: Thermolin is a potent and safe phytopharmaceutical formulation that relieves joint and bone pain associated with various orthopedic ailments. Its rubefacient property induces skin vasodilation and alleviates pain more quickly. The muscle relaxant action helps to restore mobility. In its liniment form, Thermolin ensures better absorption and deeper penetration through the skin.
Presentation:Pilfer Proof bottle of 30 ml.
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Sprains and strains

Arthritic conditions including osteoarthritis, gout, frozen shoulder, etc

Cervical and lumbar spondylitis

Lower backache

Painful/traumatic inflammatory conditions such as fibrositis, bursitis, synovitis, capsulitis, tenosynovitis, myositis, and sciatica

Sports injuries



Pippermint Oil (Mentha pipertia) - It is an ancient herb and is used to treat hundreds of ailments including stomach problems, indigestion, and cholesterol.

Gandhpuro Oil (Winter Green)- It is an aromatic shrub, which is beneficial in the treatment of joint ache and rheumatism.

Kapoor Oil (Hedychium spicatum) - It relieves the joint pain and is used to eliminate itching problems. It is also used to treat infections of the skin.

Nilgiri Oil (Eucalaptus) - The medicinal properties come from the leaves which are dried, and then crushed and distilled to extract the strong, colorless and potent essential oil.

Devdar Oil (Cydrus deodara) - The anti-inflammatory properties of the herb helps in alleviating joint pain and regulates blood sugar levels in the body.

Nutmeg Oil (Myristica fragrans) - It is a source of many oils, proteins, starch, minerals & resins that has anti-inflammatory, analgesic & anti-diarrheal properties.

Clove Oil (Eugenia caryophyllus) - It can boost your immune system and purify your blood, getting rid of all unwanted toxins.

Mahanarayan oil excipients q.s.