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Pylin Capsules

A sure remedy for effective relief from piles
Pylin capsules provide effective relief from burning pain and itching caused by hemorrhoids. Pylin capsules act from within in the treatment of piles, devoid of side effects of modern medicine. The anti-inflammatory and anti-infective actions of Pylin capsules reduce inflammation, check infection and promote healing. The Laxative property of Pylin capsules corrects chronic constipation associated with hemorrhoids.
Presentation:Blister pack of 10 x 10 capsules and 60 capsules in a bottle
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Treatment of hemorrhoids (bleeding / dry piles)


Each Pylin* capsule contains:

Neemchhal Ext. (Azadirachta indica) - The regenerative properties of neem make it efficient in strengthening hair and increases blood circulation in the scalp.

Surankand Ext. (Amorphophallus campanulatus) – It is anti-inflammatory properties that helps to defeat pain & reduce constipation & infections.

Yasthimadhu Ext. (Glycyrrhiza glabra) - Yashtimadhu is used for Skin whitening, Diabetes, Ulcers, Oxidative stress, Bacterial infection, Bloating, Viral infections, Liver disorder, Anti-diabetic, Inflammation and other conditions.

Haritaki Ext. (Terminalia chebula) - Haritaki is so good for digestive health, disease prevention, detoxification, dropping unwanted body fat, better skin and hair and much more.

Kumari Ext. (Aloe barbadensis) – It is potential anti-microbial properties that reduce irritated bowels and makes stomach pains less complex.

Aritha Ext. (Sapindus trifoliatus) - It is mixed with other herbs to treat infertility, cardiac disorders and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Daruhaldi Ext. (Berberis aristata) - It helps in treating urinary tract infections and is a good cure for menorrhea, leucorrhea and relieves abdominal pain.

Muktashukti Bhasma (Classical preparation) – This herb is beneficial in treating abdominal colic, gastritis and anorexia.

Shuddha Fatakadi (Potas alum) – It reduces muscle cramps due to piles and is an effective pain reliever in curing this disease.


No adverse effects in recommended doses.