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arrow_iconManufacturer Of Herbal Medicines For Lifestyle Ailments Puts CIS Countries, Africa & Europe On Radar
Mitul Thakkar VADODARA


HINDUSTAN Biosynth Ltd, part of the Vadodara-based Hindustan Group, is planning to foray into the international markets for its herbal and neutraceutical products. Last month, it had signed an agreement with Russia-based Dave Somen Associates for its range of products.

The company manufactures and markets 17 types of herbal medicines for lifestyle ailments under the brand name of Dr Good Health’s and variety of food supplements. The company manufactures herbal medicines for diabetes, insomnia, high blood pressure and gastric acid regulation. Hindustan Biosynth is planning to expand the range of both the product categories. It is also planning to expand its marketing and distribution market in South India.

Hindustan Group, a contract manufacturer for number of pharma companies, recently diversified into new areas following the increasing competition from players based in tax heavens like Chhattisgarh and Uttaranchal.

“We lost about 80% our business in contract manufacturing to competitors having manufacturing base out of Gujarat. Simultaneously, we were also one of the sufferers when the industry was compelled to adopt Schedule M standards. We have now decided to focus on less controlled product categories and expand in national and international markets,” said Mr KS Chhabra, chairman of Hindustan Group.

The company is aiming to enter the CIS countries through its marketing partner based in Moscow. It is also targeting parts of Africa and parts of Europe subsequently. Mr Chhabra said that the company would come up with a public offer in a year’s time to fuel its ambitious plans to enter the international market. The group has already started streamlining its operations to make a public offer. It was learnt that the company is also open to invite strategic tie up.

“We are tying up with the distributors in parts of country where we are yet to make our presence felt. The modern lifestyle is resulting in number of diseases and there are great opportunities for the companies offering alternative to chemical based medicines. In next about 18 months we would have national presence in correct sense. We are planning to roll out national level media campaign soon,” said Mr Chhabra.