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otc marketing Hindustan Biosynth has introduced the OTC Marketing Program for its range of herbal products manufactured and marketed under the brand name of Dr. Good Health.

As it has been documented earlier, herbal medicines are the future of the pharma industry. Conventional medicines have their problems and because of which their extensive use has become a growing cause of concern. This has lead to an increase in the usage of alternative medicines such as herbal medicines. Herbal medicines have been around for ages and while, they have never been out of contention as a remedy, they have had their share of naysayers. But, all that has changed in the past few years. Herbal medicines have been in vogue again. They are safe and they provide long-term results without side effects. People have started going the herbal way and if you want to cash in on this revolution, the OTC Marketing Program is what you should be getting into. For further details on the OTC marketing program please contact at info@hindustanbiosynth.com