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Sure shot remedy for relief from pain
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When pain in Joints, Muscles, Spondylosis, require topical application to provide relief in pain & inflammation, Arthrite* oil scores over other such preparations due to its combination of oils & herbs. Arthrite* oil provides relief for a longer period of time. If Arthrite* capsules are taken orally in addition to the external application of Arthrite* oil, the effect is much better.
Arthrite Oil
arrow2 Composition
  Arthrite* oil contains oils/extracts of:
  Mahanarayan oil
Rasna Panchamrit
Pipermint ka phool(Mentha pipertia)
Kapoora (Camphora officinarum )
Gandhapuro oil (Gaultheria fragrantissima)
Deodar oil (Cydrus deodara)
Dalchini oil (Cinnamomum zeylanicum)
Mahamash oil
Toontoobh oil (Brassica campestris)
arrow2 Therapeutic category:
  External pain relieving formulation
arrow2 Indications:
  Joint pain, Muscular pain, Frozen shoulder and other painful disorders.
arrow2 Application:
  Clean the affected area with warm water, dry it and gently massage Arthrite* oil till the oil penetrates the skin. Apply minimum 2-3 times daily.
arrow2 Safety:
  Non-habit forming and no adverse effects in recommended doses.
arrow2 Presentation:
  Pilfer Proof bottle of 30 ml.
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