Company History

In 2004, Hindustan Biosynth laid its foundation in Vadodara (Gujarat, India) with the aim of manufacturing and exporting pharmaceutical solutions across the world. The main emphasis was on combining natural extracts with scientific advancements and producing a herbal remedy for diseases. This included Diabetes Mellitus, Pain Relief Medicine, Digestion Regulator, Cardiac Medicine, Antacid Antiulcerant Drugs, and several others for providing cure to lifestyle disorders.

The leaders of the organization are Sudesh Kumar Bhatia and Sauhil Bhattia, who have contributed their full potential to mark the presence of Hindustan Biosynth in many countries. From Singapore in the east to Columbia in the west, it has footsteps in all directions.

The roots of herbal formulation are derived from ancient ayurvedic texts. For several years, researchers at Hindustan Biosynth have perused geographical & seasonal factors for ascertaining the best possible cure for any disease.